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Landscape Services


On Staff MN ISA Certified Arborist

Our company strives to provide customers with unique landscape designs, combining both elegance and function. Rockman Landscaping uses environmentally friendly materials and processes, ensuring a greener tomorrow. Our efficient and friendly crews are more than happy to work with each individual need, ensuring customized and affordable designs. Let us work together with you to create a beautiful and lasting landscape to enjoy for years to come.

Complete Yard Packages: Landscaping needs and tree care services can be combined for a volume package discount.


Paver Patio Design & Installation

We install customized patios in all brands, designs, and styles to fit your unique needs. Patios can be designed in multiple shapes, sizes and patterns to best compliment the installation area and create a beautiful gathering space for you to enjoy.

Walkway & Stair Design & Installation

Customized step units and walkways can upgrade and beautify an existing landscape and add interest to your property.

Paver Driveways

Customized paver driveways add elegance and curb appeal to a home. Not only are paver driveways attractive, they are durable and add dimension to the front of your home.

Retaining Walls

Custom designed retaining walls can be used for erosion control, terracing, and enclosing areas. We install walls in a variety of sizes, patterns, and colors in order to best compliment your home or business.

Irrigation/Sprinkler Systems

We design & install new systems, troubleshoot, do spring start-ups, fall blow-outs, and have the ability to tunnel under sidewalks and driveways. Our crews are able to accommodate specific needs, whether you are interested in irrigating a small area, or your full yard.

Rock Mulch & Wood Mulch

Mulch is a low maintenance alternative for your planting areas or areas in need of erosion and weed control. We offer wood and rock mulch in a variety of colors and sizes to best fit your project.

Decorative Rock & Boulders

Outcropping boulders and decorative rock bring interest to your landscape by adding focal points and texture. Boulders can be used for erosion control, to divert foot and vehicle traffic, or to add texture and height to a planting area.


Newly installed sod adds a tremendous amount of curb appeal to any property. Whether you are replacing the sod in a small area of your yard, or installing sod for the first time at a new property, we will work with you for a custom fit.


We install flowers, shrubs, and bushes in a variety of sizes and colors. Planting areas can be uniquely designed to best fit your light exposure, soil condition, and personal preference.

Land/Lot Clearing

Removal of trees, underbrush, and shrubbery for building sites and home projects. We can chip and haul away any unwanted brush or wood from your job site.

Excavating/Bobcat Service

Create level areas in yard, remove unwanted soil, or bring in additional soil to raise low areas.

Erosion Control & Drainage Systems

We can manage water drainage, shape and regrade yards for water control, and install drain tile systems on gutter down spouts and more.

Shoreline Restoration

We install rip rap, sand blankets, beaches, and can help you regain shoreline lost due to erosion.

Fire pits

We install circle pattern paver stone fire rings with metal inserts. These durable and beautiful stone fire rings compliment any outdoor entertaining area.

Fall Clean Up

Leaf removal, tree wraps, hedge wraps, and plant grooming for winter.


Tree Services

Tree Services

Our company provides the professional tree services necessary for you to maintain healthy trees. Removing dead branches can improve the tree structure...


Snow & Ice Control

Snow & Ice Control

We provide around the clock service to commercial properties during all winter weather conditions. Our services include snow plowing, snow removal...


Water Features

Water Features

Make your backyard a tranquil getaway. Enjoy the relaxing sound of water right outside your back door. Pondless Water Features: Don’t want the maintenance of a pond?...

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